Kathryn Sheehy – 5 days ago

My husband purchased a 16 X 12 greenhouse from Landmark in 2018- so this is our second growing season. We are delighted with both the product & the help & advice given by Tony at all stages of the process (before & after purchase) & particularly the ‘extras’- staging; louvres; auto-vents; powder coating; 4mm. glass & double doors being supplied as ‘standard ‘-with no ‘hidden extras. We live in Kerry-circa 2 KM from the sea & are subject to very severe south – west winds – so far, the greenhouse has withstood the efforts of several storms-most recently Storm Hannah-which decimated our apple blossom/crop for this year. He spent an entire winter researching greenhouse brands before deciding on Landmark & it’s the best available -both quality & price wise. The 6 ft. Eaves height (on the 16 x 12) & the reinforcement/brackets on the roof & eaves being a particular advantage. At present we have 2 grapevines; dwarf peach & nectarine; a fig tree (all with restricted root run- using 2-foot square recycled election posters) 15 tomato plants 4 aubergines & 4 peppers; basil etc. All growing away happily. The advice we got from other greenhouse owners was ‘get the biggest you can afford & accommodate-you will fill the space’- so true. The staging is also great for growing on Veg./ flower seeds prior to planting outside- so you get 2 months extra of growing time either side of the season. Tomatoes sown in February are now 5 ft. High & setting 5 trusses each. We couldn’t be happier with the product & service from Landmark.