Harvest Time

It seems a long time since we sowed seeds and at last we are able to try some of the produce. The radishes,  beetroot,  carrots and delicious white turnip have been great.  What didn’t do too well were the Spring Onions.  They look miserable.  In fact the seeds planted later are more advanced than seeds sown earlier.  Leeks are coming along nicely.  I plant the seeds in small pots. They seem to take ages to propagate and I felt they hadn’t taken.  Then one by one growth appeared. After a few weeks I planted them in the ground.  They seemed so tiny I wondered if they would survive at all.  But they seem to be doing well. They will need watering if this heatwave continues. I bought onion and shallot sets. I put them in small trays in the greenhouse for a few weeks and then planted them out.    Onions took time to take off but seem ok now.  The shallots are huge so I must get them out of the ground this evening. I had my first tomatoes today –  my favourite Sungold. There is nothing quite like the first of the home grown tomatoes.  I am trying some new varieties this year so I will see if there is a new favourite. With the heatwave I seem to be extra busy cutting off the new suckers.  I did it last night and couldn’t believe how many I had to cut today.  Some people choose not to do this but I find it keeps the plants tidier.  They also say that it speeds ripening. If anything is as good as the first tomatoes it has to be the first new potato.   I bought new potatoes in the supermarket twice but won’t do again as they were tasteless.   I bought four trial packs of seed potatoes (five in each trial pack) from Quickcrop and planted one of each in the greenhouse and the rest outside.  So far the one I’ve liked best is Casablanca. The yield was great but the flavour was fantastic.   I haven’t taken any from outside yet. I will take some of the First Earlies at the weekend.   The heatwave has taken us by surprise.  We always say if we could only get a decent summer it would be the best country to live in.  But now that we have it we don’t cope too well either.    I can only work in the garden early morning or late evening.   Even with the automatic windows, louvres and door open it is very hot in the greenhouse. I think the tomatoes will come on very quickly.  Thankfully we have a good watering system which was recommended by one of Landmark Greenhouse customers.  Having tried two systems previously, which did not suit our greenhouse, this was a great find.  I will be ever thankful to him for his recommendation.