Frequently asked questions

Can we put the integrated staging on either side?

Yes, it can be put on either side and or one of the tiers can be put on each side but it is important to take into account the height of the plants you intend to grow.

Can we change the side we have the staging on after the greenhouse has been erected?

Yes, that is possible.

If we make a mistake while erecting the greenhouse and omit to position a bolt or bolts in the grooves do we have to dismantle to correct?

No we have special T shaped bolts that twist and engage if an omission has occurred.

Can the Greenhouse be erected on both grass and a concrete base?

Yes, the Greenhouse can be erected on either grass or concrete base.

If the greenhouse is erected on grass how is it secured?

There are for example 6-8 metal anchors (depending on the size of the greenhouse) which will be embedded in 6-8 concrete one foot square foundations. Full details are in the instruction pamphlet.

How do the automatic openers work?

They are full of beeswax and as they heat they push open the roof windows and as the inside temperature recedes they close maintaining a balanced temperature.


Is there a cost for delivery to our home?

Yes, and the price will depend on location.

Are they difficult to erect?

No, they are not difficult to erect but like all DIY it is important that one proceeds carefully following the instructions and not taking shortcuts.

Do I need specialised tools?

No, the necessary tools are included, but some may have preference to use a cordless drill for some of the work of tightening of the nuts.