Can I put the two-tier staging on either side?
Yes. You can position the staging on either side, or you can put a single tier on each side. Before you decide, remember to consider the final height of the plants you intend to grow.  
Can I move the staging after the greenhouse has been installed?
Yes, that is possible.
If I fail to position a bolt in the correct grooves do I have to dismantle the greenhouse?
No. We have special T shaped bolts that twist and engage if you make a mistake.
Can I build the Greenhouse on grass and concrete?
You can install your greenhouse on either grass or concrete. But some kind of foundation is preferable for added strength and durability. 
How do I secure a greenhouse on grass?
We provide metal anchors (either 6 or 8 depending on the size of your greenhouse). Lay a foundation of 6 or 8 square foot concrete bases. Then embed the anchors in the concrete.  Full details are outlined in the instruction manual.
How do the automatic openers work?
The openers are filled with beeswax. As the temperature in the greenhouse rises, the beeswax expands and pushes the roof ventilators open. When the temperature drops, the beeswax contracts and the roof ventilators close.  
Is there a delivery charge?
Yes. The price will depend on your location. 
Will I have difficulty installing the greenhouse by myself?
They are not difficult to install but like all DIY it is important that you proceed carefully following the instructions. Most likely, it will take a full day to built the greenhouse. 
Do I need specialised tools?
No, we include all the tools necessary to build the greenhouse. However, you may prefer to use a cordless drill to tighten the nuts and bolts.