Delayed Spring effecting our garden and Greenhouse

Everything is way behind in the garden because of the very wet and cold winter. Potatoes seem to have been chiting for months. I did plant four in the greenhouse early on and they seem to be doing well and have been earthed twice.

This year I bought the seed potatoes from Quickcrop. Every year I grow the same reliable potatoes – Sharpes Express, Duke of York and Queens.At Quickcrop they have small tuber trial packs of 5. This seemed a great way to try new varieties.We choose one waxy variety and three other trial packs. Usually we have the First Earlies planted by St Patrick’s Day. That had to be put on hold with a London visit and going to Twickenham with my son for the memorable Grand Slam. The following weekend the weather was bright and dry and though the ground was very wet we put down half of the First Earlies.We decided to wait for another while to plant the rest. The ground is still very sodden mid April, but we decided to go ahead with the remaining First Earlies. Second Earlies can wait until the ground is less waterlogged whenever that comes about. Having had a fantastic crop of potatoes last year I would be surprised if they do as well this year with this slow start.

At least the seed potatoes in the greenhouse seem to be doing well. The Staging in the Greenhouse is full of all sorts of germinated seeds of annuals and vegetables ready to be planted out as soon as weather picks up. We wait and in hope. However all this seems inconsequential when we see the serious plight of the farmers and lack of fodder for the animals.
Hopefully in the next three weeks we will be up and running and experience Spring weather.