Kathryn Sheehy – 5 days ago

My husband purchased a 16 X 12 greenhouse from Landmark in 2018- so this is our second growing season. We are delighted with both the product & the help & advice given by Tony at all stages of the process (before & after purchase) & particularly the ‘extras’- staging; louvres; auto-vents; powder coating; 4mm. glass & double doors being supplied as ‘standard ‘-with no ‘hidden extras. We live in Kerry-circa 2 KM from the sea & are subject to very severe south – west winds – so far, the greenhouse has withstood the efforts of several storms-most recently Storm Hannah-which decimated our apple blossom/crop for this year. He spent an entire winter researching greenhouse brands before deciding on Landmark & it’s the best available -both quality & price wise. The 6 ft. Eaves height (on the 16 x 12) & the reinforcement/brackets on the roof & eaves being a particular advantage. At present we have 2 grapevines; dwarf peach & nectarine; a fig tree (all with restricted root run- using 2-foot square recycled election posters) 15 tomato plants 4 aubergines & 4 peppers; basil etc. All growing away happily. The advice we got from other greenhouse owners was ‘get the biggest you can afford & accommodate-you will fill the space’- so true. The staging is also great for growing on Veg./ flower seeds prior to planting outside- so you get 2 months extra of growing time either side of the season. Tomatoes sown in February are now 5 ft. High & setting 5 trusses each. We couldn’t be happier with the product & service from Landmark.

One of the real thrills of growing your own vegetables has to be digging the first new potatoes.

We experienced this on Saturday.  I put two chitted seed  potatoes, Casablanca and Queens, in the greenhouse at the beginning of March.  I was hoping that we were not being over anxious to taste the first of our crop.  I needn’t have worried.  The Casablanca produced that smooth, thin skinned, waxy potato and a good yield.

 There are lots of recipes of the way to serve them.  However nothing beats boiling them for about twenty minutes. Allow to rest for 5 minutes   Dab with butter to absorb and improve flavour.  Garnish with chopped parsley. Nothing more needed.

The potatoes in the garden had a bit of a setback in the beginning of May with a hard frost.  The top leaves were scorched quite badly.  I was worried it would cause damage to the crop.  However they have recovered perfectly and look heathy though not as advanced as other years.  It is very important to keep earthing up potatoes at this time as the potatoes themselves push upwards towards the light and turn green, which make them poisonous.

We now we can’t wait to try the Queens.