I got the last of my tomatoes planted in the greenhouse at weekend.  As I’ve already written about this in earlier blog I won’t go into it again. The only difference this year is that I added crushed eggshells to soil before planting. I had read that the calcium in the eggshells is good for them. Last year’s crop was amazing. It is great to be able to share with family and friends.

In October I thought it was the end of fresh homegrown tomatoes for another year.  However a bird had flown into greenhouse mid October and broke a truss from one of the plants. I popped it into a jar of water and within a week long fresh roots were to be seen.  I thought I’d try planting it up in a pot and bring in the house placing it at a sunny window. I was really surprised to see it flowering a couple of weeks later and by mid November we had tomatoes. It was not a huge crop but each week we collected a small bowl of very tasty little treats until the last were eaten this past weekend.

When I planted the truss I didn’t know what variety it was as I had six varieties in the greenhouse. I was so happy that they turned out to be Sun Gold. During this difficult winter and even worse Spring it was fantastic  to have that burst of summer flavour.  If you have a sunny window and and would like to experiment next autumn it might be worth a try.