Now is the time of year to consider buying a greenhouse for that special Birthday or retirement present. Working in one’s own greenhouse is a hobby that will give enormous pleasure throughout the years ahead.

Read our blogs and you will see why.

This was a busy weekend in the garden trying to get as much done as possible so as to make it easier next spring.  The autumn colours remain spectacular.  Some plants don’t seem to know what season it is. Ceanothus is blooming beautifully. Poppies are blooming again and most surprising, was to see so many strawberries on the plants which I had tidied up the end of September!  I had to remove new runners and of course, the strawberries.

Spectacular autumn colours on trees in my garden

It was busy weekend with clearing of leaves, and clearing the greenhouse. I took all the tomato plants out of the greenhouse a couple of weeks ago with the exception of one. It had lots of green tomatoes so I left it there. Because the weather has been unseasonably bright I managed to pick three dozen red tomatoes yesterday before removing the last plant. They were not as flavoursome as tomatoes picked earlier, but still had more flavour that those bought in a shop.    I also picked my last two cucumbers. Both tomatoes and cucumbers did exceptionally well this year.  The last job was to hose down the glass and the staging with warm soapy water to stop pests harbouring in the greenhouse over the winter.  I removed all empty pots for washing and brought in some tender plants.



Now is the time to pick parsnips after the first frost comes and they have sweetened.  The kale and cabbage are looking good and the leeks are plentiful.  The care taken to water leeks earlier in the year has paid off.  However the turnips are pathetic.  The sprouts got staked as also did the purple sprouting broccoli.  The rhubarb got well mulched with rotted manure.  I hope to have a better crop next year as it did very badly this year.  It is one of my favourite fruits and it is disappointing to have so little in the freezer.  We dug in rotted manure to all empty sections of the vegetable garden to allow it to breakdown over the winter.  I had planted garlic a month ago, but had some bulbs remaining so popped them in the ground.

Feeling quite exhausted but satisfied with the work this weekend we were rewarded with this stunning November sunset.

stunning November sunset from my garden