I got a gift of a most unusual cucumber from my neighbour. She had grown it from seed – Crystal Lemon. I had already planted two cucumber plants and was wondering if I had space in the greenhouse for one more. However I decided I had to try it. Firstly the leaves are not as big as regular cucumber plants so it did not take up as much room, but the yield was fantastic. If space is a consideration for you, but you would like to grow cucumbers next year, it would be worth considering. The unusual shape was a real talking point. The skin is hard and prickly. But most important the flavour was good-unlike any cucumber I have ever tasted.

Crystal Lemon cucumber

It is important to keep on top of weeds by hoeing the garden before they go to seed in September.

Collect seeds of flowers you want to propagate as the seed head dries.  They are best collected on a dry day in the garden.  Store in an envelope in a cool place to propagate in spring.

Quick growing crops like radishes, rocket and Chinese vegetable can still be sown.

If you haven’t planted out new strawberry plants already do so now.  Plant some in pots too and leave outside until end of December.  Then bring the pots into the greenhouse to fruit in April.

Garlic has been lifted and is drying in the greenhouse

Garlic has been lifted and is drying in the greenhouse

Onions are normally lifted late August when most of the tops have fallen over and leaves have begun to turn colour.  Allow the soil to dry for a couple of days and then shake it off.  Leave onions to dry on the patio for couple of weeks and then a week in the greenhouse helps greatly.  If storing in onion bags the leaves should be take off.  If the leaves are in good condition make a hank by twisting the leaves around a string or wire with each onion supporting the one above.  This keeps them cool and dry.  Hang in a cool ventilated dry place.

Autumn onion sets can be bought and planted now.  They are ready for picking in July, though they don’t last as long a spring grown onions.  Japanese onions can be grown from seed in August.

There is lots of colour in the garden.  Continue to deadhead to prolong the show.