Greenhouse Ventilation Tips

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Ventilating Your Greenhouse In June

June 21st is the longest day of the year, and temperatures can raise considerably.  Here are some greenhouse ventilation tips to get you through the summer months. 

Make sure there is enough ventilation in the greenhouse by opening the door, louvre windows, and roof vents.  If your greenhouse gets too hot, your plants may scorch. All Landmark Greenhouses roof vents open automatically once the greenhouse reaches a certain temperature.  This is particularly useful if you are away during the day.   The louvre windows draw in cool air at the base of the greenhouse it circulates around the greenhouse. The rising warm air escapes through the roof vents. Landmark Greenhouses roof vents open automatically once the temperature reaches a certain level.Louvres draw in air at the base of the greenhouse, which ensures better air circulation and growing conditions.

Other Cooling Tips

There are other strategies you can use to keep your greenhouse cool. If you are forecasting a hot day, dampen down the floor of your greenhouse. In extremely hot weather, you should do it twice a day – but never in middle of day because you may scorch the plants. At Landmark Greenhouses we damp down with rainwater collected from the gutters and downpipes. You can also hang netting from roof of your greenhouse. It protects them from direct sunlight. If you use this method, remember not to shade your tomatoes. There is also a screening wash that can be applied to outside of greenhouse and washed off in the autumn. Check all greenhouse plants regularly for aphids, red spider mite, mealy bug ad scale insects as these pests can increase greatly in numbers in warm weather.