A Busy Time in the Greenhouse

March will be a very busy time in the greenhouse with decisions to be made on what seeds of vegetables and annuals to sow.  What worked or didn’t work last year helps with whether to repeat the same, but I am also looking forward to trying something new. This is the third growing season with my greenhouse.  I am hoping my beginners luck will last.

Seeds in packets on a table in the greehouse

Seeds germinate best with some warmth.  Follow seed requirements on the pack. I use a pre-moistened seed and potting compost and cover seed with vermiculite.  It is important to label all seeds.  A sunny windowsill is perfect for most seeds except for those that need a propagator.  Even if the seeds can be sown direct into the ground I prefer to grow all seeds in seed trays or small pots as our soil is very heavy. Once the seedlings have sprouted it is best to move them to the greenhouse for better light.  I did plant six cauliflower seeds late October and held them in the greenhouse overwinter.  They are now ready to go into the open ground.  I am hoping that they will produce heads before the seeds I planted in February.

egg plant growing in pots in a greenhouse

So what’s new for me this year.  I am going to grow egg plant as my son- in-law makes the most wonderful Aubergine Parmiagiana. I’ll try a melon for fun and have planted some seeds of Cape gooseberries.  These have not germinated well with only two seedlings surviving so far. I am hoping I will get one plant at least.  I am also trying a couple of new varieties of tomatoes.  Even though I had a pretty good crop of peas last year this year I have decided on Mange Touts and Snap Peas and will plant at intervals to get a longer crop.

I have potted up begonia and dahlia tubers which were stored over winter and will keep them in the greenhouse until May.  I need to pot on some shrub cuttings I took last year and will also keep them in the greenhouse until end of April or early May.